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Since you've already paid for your car, you will be the last person to get your hands on that car. They will offer that car to everyone else who walks in the door. You will only get your car when it becomes absolutely certain that no one else will buy that car except for you.

When will that be? I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

I know this is an old post, but I ran across it and wanted to straighten this myth out! I'm a former car salesman. The reality is nothing like this person claims. When you order a car, the car is not sold until the day you drive it off the lot. It's not financed, it's not registered with the manufacturer as sold, and the salesman, sales manager and finance manager have not receieved a single dollar worth of commission. They are anxious for you to take home your new car. Do slip ups happen? Yes. I've had ordered cars to find their way onto the lot because the person checking in the cars failed to flag it as a sold unit. Does it happen often? NO. However, believe me, everyone involved that receives a commission is dying for you to take your new car home.

Also, chances are, if you ordered your vehicle, you wanted something they don't normally carry on the lot. There is a reason they don't carry that combination on the lot, normally. Good sales managers track what sells and what doesn't sell. They watch how the inventory moves so that future orders will be ordered with the most likely combinations to move off of the lot the fastest. The last thing they want is a car to sit there on the lot with no potential buyers - every day the car sits costs them money past 90 days from the day it arrives. Therefore, your ordered car is not something they likely want to put in stock. For instance, I ordered my new '07 3 with the remote engine starter and the Auto dimming/Homelink mirror. This is not something they stock at the dealership I bought. They order 3 Grand Touring models for stock with just the Bose/moonroof package and sometimes wheel locks. That's it.

Also, long wait times are sometimes a reality. I ordered a, then, new 1998 GMC Yukon for someone and 8 months later, the vehicle still hadn't arrived. I found one on the lot that was exactly the same, less the two tone pain scheme (primary color was the same, though) and sold them that. I warned them about long wait times before they ordered. Like most people shopping for cars, they didn't believe the salesman and thought I was trying to push them into buying something that night, instead. My dealer told me to expect 4 months to wait for my new '07 3 Grand Touring. It's just reality and I'm willing to live with that.

I hope this nonsense is cleared up...
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