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Any comments on dealerships in Toronto to use/avoid?

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I am going to be a firsttime Mazda buyer, and I was wondering if anyone had any comments on dealers in the GTA to avoid/use. Or does it really make much of a difference?

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Did NOT like Markham Mazda

Ended up buying from which uses Erin Mills Mazda... Very happy there.

Avante Mazda... Excellent sales and service... Upfront discount in the $400 range.

Markham Mazda... Ugh... bad experience with 2 sales man on 2 different occasions. 1) They lied about having GT in stock to even demo (over the phone they had several for immediate delivery... no mistake about it and the salesman didn't mention anything until we were sitting in the car) 2) They seemed kinda slimy.

Personal opinions... but I ran from them and vowed never to return.
1 - 1 of 58 Posts
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