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Any comments on dealerships in Toronto to use/avoid?

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I am going to be a firsttime Mazda buyer, and I was wondering if anyone had any comments on dealers in the GTA to avoid/use. Or does it really make much of a difference?

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yeah Eddie at Avante Toronto is nice, and up front and won't jerk you around.
dinu is right about Scarboro Mazda. they are shady
i was close to closing a deal with them yesterday, but at last minute
they kept adding on new prices, and kept changing the final figure that we had already agreed upon.

i had planned to purchase yesterday, but its back to the drawing board. i'll probably go to avante mazda
on that note.......

has anyone purchased a car, or had SERIOUS negotiations at Avante or Markham Mazda???

i've visited both, but never made a serious offer yet
TMMA: how much was your car msrp, discount if any.....which salesman did you talk to??

thanks in advance
1 - 4 of 58 Posts
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