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Another Aftermarket Alarm Question

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With the issues going on with the Mazda3 factory alarm (the thing about banging the passenger side door disarming it) I've decided that I should have an aftermarket alarm installed. Normally, I'd prefer to do something like this at a local audio/alarm shop simply because they, on average, do a better job than large chains. As well, they'll usually stand behind their work and fix any issues.

However, there is a very good possibility that I'll be moving out of state within the next year. It'd be just my luck that I have an alarm installed at a local shop, and 3 days after I'm far out of the area, something stops working... (and driving across the country to have an alarm serviced would be extremely hard to justify to my wife.) This suddenly makes the large chains sound a bit better. At least I know that Circuit City (as an example) has stores across the country.

What I think I want is a DEI (or AutoPage?) based alarm, with starter and 2-way. I'd also like the option of a trunk release on the FOB (which would involve having something installed to pull the trunk cable electronically.)

Given my circumstances, can anyone make any suggestions? I'm currently in Maryland (near DC), but I'm not entirely sure where I might end up. Some possibilities are NY, MN, TX, FL.

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Okay.. so I'm about to open a can of worms...

I've searched the forums, and I've seen as many possible answers to similar questions as people who have asked...

Now I'll ask again.. sort of...

What is a good aftermarket alarm? Below are the list of features I'd like, in order of priority. Keep in mind that I'm married, so my wife guards the checkbook...

At least as functional as the factory alarm (keyless entry, alarm on entry without disarm, etc.)

Alarm sounds if sedan trunk is opened without disarming (sad that the factory alarm doesn't sound on trunk open!)

Shock sensor (programmable)

Battery backup

Good range (factory keyless has horrid range IMO)

two-way (any range beyond line of sight requires knowing that the command worked.)

starter (auto trans)

tilt sensor (you'd think that the shock sensor would notice being yanked on a flatbed.. but...)

trunk "popper" ;)

auto windows up on arming. (actually, closing the moonroof is more important.. one of these days I'm going to forget to close that thing and it's going to rain...)
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(DEI) Viper 5900 (with immobilizer bypass) and trunk solenoid + extra 1-way remote


Compustar pro P2W900FMAS (with immobilizer bypass) and trunk solenoid (includes extra 1-way remote)

I can get either installed for about the same price. Which one would be better? Why?
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