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Another Aftermarket Alarm Question

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With the issues going on with the Mazda3 factory alarm (the thing about banging the passenger side door disarming it) I've decided that I should have an aftermarket alarm installed. Normally, I'd prefer to do something like this at a local audio/alarm shop simply because they, on average, do a better job than large chains. As well, they'll usually stand behind their work and fix any issues.

However, there is a very good possibility that I'll be moving out of state within the next year. It'd be just my luck that I have an alarm installed at a local shop, and 3 days after I'm far out of the area, something stops working... (and driving across the country to have an alarm serviced would be extremely hard to justify to my wife.) This suddenly makes the large chains sound a bit better. At least I know that Circuit City (as an example) has stores across the country.

What I think I want is a DEI (or AutoPage?) based alarm, with starter and 2-way. I'd also like the option of a trunk release on the FOB (which would involve having something installed to pull the trunk cable electronically.)

Given my circumstances, can anyone make any suggestions? I'm currently in Maryland (near DC), but I'm not entirely sure where I might end up. Some possibilities are NY, MN, TX, FL.

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You are right. Local shops do usually do a better job then bigger stores at installing. Unless you have a good store to deal with. I used to work at circuit city and know the installers pretty well. They installed a python alarm/remote start on my old car, several remote starts on my parents cars, and there going to be seeing my 3 next weekend. I have never been unhappy about there work. As for the trunk popper if you set it up you can wire one of the extra outputs on the unit to the trunk. Any good installer would be able to do this. I dont think circuit city would be able to install a trunk popper though. You would have to go to a local shop. DEI makes the best stuff. I bought a viper 791xv for cheap online and im having it installed next weekend. after the install it should only cost me 300.
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Your a very picky in all seriousness your best bet is to see a local shop. Even though my installer at circuit is good they do more basic installations. In terms of the best alarm, DEI makes the best stuff. You can buy there alarms under the viper/python/Clifford names. I know they make a auto window module for the alarms but im not sure if it can be wired to close the windows on lock. Also i would not trust it. If the alarm ever fails (not saying it will) and you go to lock your car and all the windows roll down. That would be bad in my book. Good luck and i wouldnt worry about the install at a local shop. I had my remote start/alarm in my old car for over 2 years and i had no problems at all. Just keep in mind that a remote start also has the tendency to ruin starters. I had to replace mine not too many months ago.
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The sst viper is a great alarm. Im having the model right under it, 791xv, installed sunday. Everyone i talk to says that the best alarms are DEI. They give you a 1 yr warranty to if the alarm should ever fail. Ive never used a compustar alarm so i cant vouch for them. DEI makes some serious products. If you wanna save some cash though the 791xv is the same as a 5900 except for the range. The 5900 has a range of 2miles. While the 791 i believe has a quarter mile range.
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