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well, as the title says, I'm new to the forum. My name is Matt Sink. I'm pretty much here because last august I bought my wife Stacy a Mazda 3 hatch Grand Touring (5speed manual). I also have a close friend who drives a red 2008 speed3. I'm a corporate aircraft mechanic by trade and like to tinker around with cars as my hobby. So since I help care for 2 mazda 3's I figured I'd join the forum.

I personally drive a mildly modified 2000 Grand Prix GTP with a pretty decent list of mods as my daily driver. In a straight line I roast my buddy in his speed 3 like he's a civic with a fart can. I'm more of a cornering guy though, so straight line isn't as important to me. On a track he'd probably give me a good run even with my suspension mods. (my car has a heavy ass and needs to go on a diet) I'm also over 200,000 miles on my GTP.

I don't intend on modifying the Mazda until we blow past the warranty period. I'm impressed with the handling, and driving impression I get with the car. It's no drag racer, but the manual transmission and tight suspension is more than enough to give me a big grin. It makes me consider the new speed3 as a possibility to replace my Daily driver within the next year.
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