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An idea for parts fabricators...intake duct.

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I read this thread, and was poking around under my hood.

After I saw these 2 pics, it gave me an idea.

In ZooZoom's thread, his idea was to somehow duct air thru that little window to the intake horn that leads into the air box. But here's what i'm thinking.

A parts manufacturer with plastic-modeling abilities could try this. Fabricate new intercooler ducting with an extra arm that seals to the intake horn. They could even fabricate a divider wall inside the ducting that makes a smooth path the intake...Maybe they could even do the whole thing in a little weight?

Of course, this would divert some of the air from the intercooler...but it still gets about 80% of the air i figure.

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It would onlybe a good idea if they completely replaced the airbox too. The intake at the bottom of that airhorn is tiny and the insides of the box are far from optimally shaped to direct air into the MAF sensor.
Interesting idea. I did something like this to my protege a
few years back with a dremmel and some sheet steel from
home depot and it made quite a difference.

Of course I now have at my disposal here at work a CAD station
and a 3d printer...

might be something to look at.
3d printers kick ass! You should totally take some measurements and mock something up...I think it could be a neat product, especially if it's done up in CF.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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