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Hey y'all,

I'm Drew. My friends call me DrewSKO. What you call me determines whether or not you're my friend. :) (Not really). So, I bought my Fusion Sport (red candy metallic) last year with 20k miles on it for 23k. I figured...not a bad literally had ALL the options on it. The only way to have a better Fusion would be to make it a Hybrid (and even that's debatable). :shocked:

So, when I bought my Fusion I already knew I had a ticket to Hollywood for American Idol (but I kept it hush). Then I found out Idol was giving the winner a 2013 newly redesigned Fusion. Well, there ya go! But I got eliminated in Hollywood. Oh well. I still have my Fusion. Now that I'm home from becoming famous (lol), it's time to soak my sorrows in customizations for "Adele" (or so my car is affectionately called).

Thanks for the warm greeting. I welcome any and all suggestions to make Adele the envy of Chicago's west burbs.

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