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Almost bought it from Wayne Mazda in NJ

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So, after calling many dealerships and calling Wayne Mazda in NJ, I finally was on my way to buying a GT in Silver, no extras. I waited about 1.5 hours until they finally wrote up the purchase order. The car came off the truck today, no prep work even done yet. The price was MSRP but then they added another $500 in crap on that I did not want. They were charging $175 for some window etching bullshit, which said optional but they say it's not and they were doing it anyway. $69 for credit reports that likley cost them 18 cents a piece since that is what my company pays for them. Some other crap that I did not even look to see what it was for but at that, I told them it's a deal breaker and if they were not willing to take it off the price, I was walking. They shrugged, I left. I may order one now from Westchester Mazda in NY as long as they don't pull this crap but it looks as if I will be looking for another car.
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check out crystal mazda greenbrook, I got mine there for 400 off msrp, which pretty much covered all the dealer fees. I just printed something off of edmunds that said ms3 were ging for that price in the area.
Midak, what's up? Fellow Yonkers brethen here :D

Sucks to hear your experience over at Wayne. I could see that happening though. That group most definitely did not have the best customer service. Frankly speaking, most were a bunch of asses, especially the head manager...

Watch out for Westchester (Elmsford, right?) Mazda. I visited that dealership while shopping around, and I wasn't impressed with their sales team. Along the conversation, I dropped many hints that I was not an average consumer, that I already knew what I wanted, and wasn't looking to play any games as far as pricing or options go. The guy tried to play it off as if he was doing me a favor by offering MSRP, which told me that 1) he's still trying to play me for a fool, and 2) they're probably going to push the 'over MSRP' crap on unsuspecting customers. Now, I could still have worked with them, but the convo just turned me off. Perhaps it might be a different experience for you. Just gotta be firm if you talk to them.

In the end, I closed the deal with Ramsey Mazda in Ramsey, NJ, which is up north just a bit along Rte. 17. If you can make the trip to Wayne, you could def. make the trip to Ramsey. Like Wayne, they're offering for MSRP. UNlike Wayne, my salesguy was upfront from the get-go and did not excessively push anything on me. I had him understand that I wasn't looking for anything more or less than what I was asking. Good experience overall.

Anyway, you still have options. Don't let Wayne discourage you. I'm telling you, the car's worth it :) In fact, I'll PM you the guy I worked with over at Ramsey.
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Yeah I was originally looking at wayne mazda since I bought my last car there, but they were a bunch of a-holes. My salesguy looked like tony soprano and actually yelled at me when I didn't like his first offer. I promptly left, never to return.
that crap window etching could save you alot of money on insurance too though. I know for me it cut my yearly premuim by enough to justify it. and walk in with a pre approved car loan from a credit union or your bank that you trust. get a bit more leverage and then they cant charge you for the reports.
I called Wayne Mazda back in mid Oct. I happened to also call when the cars were coming off the truck. It was their first load. The salesman was bating me to put down $500 on the car so no one else could have it. I did not want to do that for fear I may loose my $$$ and worse yet would have no bargaining power over the cost of the car + who knows what strong arm techinques... Although I only spoke to them over the phone - I was very pleased. I was offered msrp with no extra bs...look...Wayne Mazda STILL has 7 cars from the Mid Oct drop and forward drop (if there was one). I have been watching so I can tell you that what ever just came off the truck is not on the Mazda USA website. Does anyone have any info about EXACTLY what is coming off the truck? I want a RED GT...of the 7 cars they do RED GT...let me know if you far as actually "haggeling" about price - I don't think it is warrented...should the high stock level grow with no sales say into June/July - Disounts will follow - I am waiting in the wings - I think I want RED GT + Mazdaspeed 3 perf package...but I am willing to sit and watch and wait...
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Crystal mazda has a red gt that I am sure you can get for 500 off msrp. I am telling you that are great to deal with, everyone is pretty young there and they were genuinely enthusiastic about my new car. No one was pushy and the process was quick and painless.
Good thing I read this thread. I was planning on going there next week because I hear they have the largest inventory...however after looking on i see there are plenty of speed3's around where I live..
I spoke with Vito at Ramsey and told him what happened at Wayne. He told me Ramsey has a $269 doc fee, apparently a Jersey thing but he said if it would make the sale, he would talk to his boss and see about knocking that much off the MSRP to cancel it out. They also do window etching but it is optional and they do not push it. Ramsey does not charge anything for credit reports. They have a black GT coming in the 5th week.

As for Westchester Mazda, they first told me, like everyone else does, that many dealers are charging over MSRP but that they would sell it at MSRP. They were not pushy and showed me exactly what they add on, which is $45 for the doc fee, $12.50 for some NYS tire recycling, tax and of course the registration fees. This is much better than the extra $500 worth of crap that Wayne hits you with.
I bought my MS3 from Wayne Mazda back in December and the experience was so-so. They do have the largest inventory around, at least compared to the 1 MS3 my local Koeppel Mazda had. I had preapproved financing from my credit union but since I was trading in a '04 hatch with 46K miles, I lost a bit of leverage. I ran in to the same problem with the "optional" window etching, but the insurance savings offsets it for me. It also pays out a couple of grand if the car's stolen and not recovered. I asked for a test drive, but he said that's not possible with the MS3. I guess I'm sort of cool with that because I wouldn't want a bunch of people test driving my car before I bought it.
As for the sale itself I was there around 3 hours, got a slightly below fair trade-in, but I rolled out with the car I wanted. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell them to peel off that stupid Wayne Mazda sticker on the hatch, but it easily came off with a blow dryer and some bug remover.
Overall I think Wayne Mazda is OK as long as you're smart and don't let them take you for a ride.
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Yeah, they told me no test drive and then asked me to sign something that said I refused the test drive. All those "optional" dealer fees they ask me to sign for were also non negotiable so in my eyes, they are a bunch of scumbags who are asking me to lie on contract. I will get my car evntually and I will be able to drive away without feeling like I just got bent over. As much as I wanted the car for so long now, it felt quite good not buying from them. In fact, if Wayne called me in the morning and offered it to me at invoice, I would not take it.
That "no test drive" stuff was BS. When my cousin had purchased from them back in October , they were allowing test drives, and every MS3 had a relatively high number of miles on them already. The lowest mileage MS3 had 26 (which I told my cousin to go for), and the highest had a whoppin 76!!
they were willing to give me a test drive if i put down a deposit.
Well I'm holding the Mazda Sales Survey in my hands and I just might have to rip Wayne Mazda on it, especially on question 4 "Making the test drive a positive experience."
DO IT!!!!! Damn the MAN!!!! Look at it this way. It's a peaceful protest in honor of MLK day.
Damn right they suck! Anyways, got some good news today. I was called back by Adzam Mazda in Bedford and they are willing to sell me their Silver GT, with Sirius, Compass/Auto Dim Mirror and wheel locks, which lists for 25195, for 24550. So I went right up there and bought it. It has been test driven, has 80 miles now after my 5 miles but it is in perfect condition. So, $645 off the list price and I'm happy. They also do not add on any BS fees like Wayne does.
I guess I lucked out cause I got mine for 1400 under MSRP but only because of a mistake made by the salesperson that I neglected to point out :). In fact they seemed pretty content at that price. Try your luck Middletown Mazda. The only thing they charge is a 45 dollar prep fee
[quote author=dantheman1998 link=topic=66826.msg1151049#msg1151049 date=1168900077]
I guess I lucked out cause I got mine for 1400 under MSRP but only because of a mistake made by the salesperson that I neglected to point out :). In fact they seemed pretty content at that price. Try your luck Middletown Mazda. The only thing they charge is a 45 dollar prep fee

According to consumer reports, that would put you just above invoice on a MS3 GT. They did not have any when I called, I wonder why. Anyways, my deal was straight up and I am happy.

What I forgot to mention was litterally minutes after Adzam offered me the 24550 on the car, Wayne calls. Same schmuck, named Moe. He wanted to know if I was coming to get the car :lol: Anyways, he said they would be willing to wave the $69 for credit reports but still charge me all the other BS charges they add on. I told him about the deal I just got and he said he could not even come close. I told him Wayne can take that Speed3 and park it up their asses for all I care and that was the end of that.
It's interesting reading this because I'm dealing with Wayne Mazda right now. I'm not so concerned about the window etching because I will get an insurance break for that one. The documentation fee is pretty high $229. If those were the only fees, I would be OK... but the kicker for me is that they are asking for $264 for the title and registration!!! I registered my last car by myself because I bought it in Maine just before moving to New Jersey. I think the whole process cost me about $70. That leaves about $200... for what? One hour of work (or less)? If somebody is getting $200 for less than an hour of work... then I'm apparently in the wrong line of work. That's a pretty lucrative business!

When I sit down with the finance guy I'm going to ask for a line by line breakdown of that registration expense. They are going to need to adjust that amount... otherwise I might have to walk.

The Sales manager at Wayne is a prick... if you don't do everything exactly the way he wants you to, the guy gets angry and yells at you. I found him insulting and told them that if I had to deal with him again... I'd walk out.

Overall, I haven't been too impressed with Wayne Mazda... but they are the only ones in my area to get the exact car I want without a mark-up. They seem like the kind of guys that must totally screw unsuspecting buyers... they really make you fight for every penny. If you stand up to them though... I think you can basically get what you want.
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