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all manual --> full automatic

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hey people I really want to switch my manual windows to automatic and I've seen a couple of kits for like $70 for all 4? I ALSO want to put in auto locks :shock:AND lol a remote enginge starter :shock:do you guys know what price range I should be looking for and how hard it would be for me to install all of this by myself? Or is it cheap to get installed? Thanks
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[quote author=qvverty187 link=topic=70730.msg1362688#msg1362688 date=1177466934]
The thing is, I have the same thing in my base model 'i'. I was hoping something related to power locks...

I guess it depends on it if its on both doors or not, if its on just one door it might be the where the radio wire thing is that picks up the signal from the power lock controller.. but I'm not sure.
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