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Electric Life makes some really nice OEM style power window kits, bolt right in and perform really well. Quiet and smooth, just like OEM. I've used alot of their kits and they've always been great. The kits themselves run about $200-300 for all 4 doors. Install is pretty simple, they bolt into stock locations in the doors. You'll need to run new wires into the doors and make a new harness. They also have a variety of switch pods that get mounted to the doors.

If you don't find any j/y Mazda3's, SPAL makes some good doorlock actuators. The install can be alittle tricky tho. You'll most likely have to run new wires and make your own harness. The actuators run about $10-15 each.

SPAL also makes some decent universal power window kits, but the install is tougher (not direct bolt in) but they aren't as quiet or as smooth as the Electric Life OEM kits. These kits run about $100-150 for all 4.
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