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Alarm disarm signal wire

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So I bought TheSpeedline International Automatic power folding side mirros with turn signal leds and puddle leds.

My car is a 2007 mazda 3, hatchback, automatic with 2.0L engine

The sales department told me that the module ocould be wired or hook to the stock alarm using the white wire that comes out the module.

I wanted to do it so whenever I engage or press the lock button on mi keychain the mirrors fold, and when I hit the unlock button and thus disarming, the mirrors unfold.

The problems is that I cannot find the right cable that carries the signal so I can hook it to the white wire nor do I know if the white wire has to be connected to a positive or negative source.

I found one white/black cable on the drivers side kick panel that carries/has positive signal for one second when I hit the unlock button/disarming, so I wired the famous white wire but nothing happens the mirros dont move. (they only react when with the provided switch)

Please help me out with the right cable or wiring diagram of the wires that run along the drivers kick panel.

Thank you
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come on people, dont let me down, supposedly you know these things.
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