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Alarm disarm confirmation horn

I have a 2008, 3, 2.0LF engine automatic. I wanted to activate the alarm disarm confirmation tone loved by some hated by others and read all post. Because my car does not honk when alarmed or disarmed using the keyfob and I hate to keep starring at the lights, besides from being hard to tell when sunny it’s easier to walk away just listening the two honks arming and have peace of mind, also when in the garage you can check without having to actually see the car. So I found these without any positive results:

1. The KARR factory installed alarm, with the blue light and the procedure.
2. The PBJ 04, number N ground cable that goes to the horn relay.
3. The double press of the armed/locked button on the keyfob.
4. The dual tone aftermarket horn sirens.

Facts on my car (double check by the way if any of you fellow Mazda drives care to remind me).

1. My car does not have the KARR factory alarm.
2. There is no black cable on the PBJ 04 number N slot, nothing, still I have the horn on the drivers wheel.
3. No confirmation sound when either the lock or unlock buttons are pressed twice (nor 8 times) on the keyfob.
4. My car has no dual tone horn, still there is no confirmation signal from any cable.
5. If I have no confirmation signal I cannot install an aftermarket horn.
6. My car has: Deft deterrent system (car blinking logo with key in the middle).
7. My car has: a factory installed alarm, yes it does (its not the KARR), whenever I open a door from the inside after arming the system the horn fires, and to shut it down I have to press the unlock button on the keyfob.

1. Where do I get the confirmation cable that carries the signal exclusively when arming/disarming, (no its not the black/white cable down the driver’s side kickpanel, If I use that one then whenever I unlock the doors the horn will sound).
2. Could there’s be a factory installed alarm other that the KARR, and if so, wheres is the module or the module is the car´s computer.
3. Since there’s is no cable in the PBJ 04 Number N, ¿Could this be the reason that I have no confirmation tone?

So for you all wise guys candoall, how do I get the dam confirmation tones. Hey I could even drop some paypal gratification to the “chosen one” that solves the matrix.
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