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Agincourt Mazda Complaint!!!!!!!!!

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Hey guys, new on the forum but quite upset about my Mazda 3. Here's the story:

The situation began on the day I visited the dealership and was introduced to a sales representative by the name X, the person responsible with helping out with my transaction process. Mr. X before signing any papers had provided me with confident understanding that the $1000.00 deposit would be refunded if for any reason I would not want to close off the deal. Trusting that Mr. X was an honest and loyal sales representative I signed the papers off for a lease. Approximately a week later, I returned to the dealership stating that I would want to receive the deposit back. I was consulted by Mr. X’s manager who stated I was unable to do so and cannot even forfeit the deposit.

I had originally wanted to purchase this vehicle under a financing plan but was advised that the price to lease was a cheaper and smarter method to obtain the Mazda 3. Mr. X had made it clear that during anytime within the lease period I was qualified to switch to a financing program. At the end of November this year, I decided it was time for me to switch to the financing plan. I had phoned back to the dealership who advised me that I would need to call the head office to obtain this information. Once I had contacted the head office they told me only the dealership would be able to provide me with this information. This processing of calling head office suggested by Agincourt Mazda had occurred twice before I was told by the dealership I was not qualified to be on a financing plan.

On December 5th, I actually went to the dealer to ask to speak with Mr. X but he wasn't in. I was directed to the assistant manager who told me a load of crap and it wasn't their fault that we fell into what was told. So basically this agrument went on for a good hour. Half way, being fed up I asked him to put what he said is the truth on paper and he asked me 'why?'... Now doesn't that say something?

I showed him the letter similar to the original post and told him its been sent to head office and is getting posted across the internet forums he actually thought I was bluffing him! Anyways, eventually he told us the usual "I need to speak to my manager and I'll look into it .. dah dah"

On my way back to the car in the parking lot, a fellow by the name Mr.R called from Mazda's Customer Relation department. Saying that the fax and email has been recieved and he will talk to the dealer.

Nice and early this morning we get a call from Mr. R saying that Agincourt will be in contact with us. Agincourt has called in the afternoon asking me to go in to work something out.

Well after customer relation had called, Agincourt had asked us to call customer relations back to state that we are being taken care of and by doing so (without realizing or told by Agincourt), it closed off my file! So basically they told me i need to refile it.

Agincourt offered me soemthing I didnt' settle for. It was a difference of $1000 and they gave me nonsense that they would only allow me to take a use car and if I go with a new car, they would need to lower the trade-in value. But the Pre-Sales manager managed to get the msg to me, he had too many Mazda 3's in his lot and he wants to get rid of them. So that's why he's willing to do an exchange.. Stupid? I think so.

Anyways, without wanting to be ripped off, I went to Avante to check out prices. Excellent excellent and EXCELLENT customer service! Everybody in the dealership was nice and friendly. Got tons of business cards and introduction from pratically everybody.

In all, I told them about the situation and hopefully something will be worked out with Avante rather than SHADY AGINCOURT MAZDA. I have been arranged to meet with the owner of Avante to see what can happen. I look foward to it.

P.S. For those who are interested and are considering leasing OR purchasing from Agincourt... beware. You aren't told all that you need to know and lies will be feed for you to drive the car off the lot.
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Where is Agincourt located? (be sure to update your profile so we can help you better)
Finch and Markham road.

I've been sending the story to several places and I'm going to continue to until somebody addresses this issue and resolves it completely. I'm in no mood to deal with Agincourt again unless they no longer want to treat me like a dumbass who doesn't know his math.
Finch and Markham Road in which city? Which state? Nebraska? New Jersey?
Toronto, Ontario. In Canada.

I know this is a really big forum but I just want people who ever want to deal with them to be extremely careful... if possible, don't even go there.
Well here is my 2 cents:

On Dec 17th, I bought a 2007 GS from Agincourt Mazda after being promissed a quick delivery from another dealer's lot, as I was adamant that I did not want to place a factory order unless I got a ridiculously low price. Long story short, by early January I was told my car was on its way to Vancouver so I started complaining, to Mazda Canada too (especially since I did not buy a Civic because they were honest enough at Honda to tell me I will have to wait at least 2 months for the options I wanted). Since the 6th of January I have been driving a loaner, so that is not all that bad even though I am capped at 500km per week. Just complain; call Mazda Canada and the General Manager and eventually they will resolve your dispute unless you are just being unreasonable. In my case I had made it clear that I wanted the car quickly.

Of course, I would prefer to have my car but at least I am no longer annoyed with them.

Good luck!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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