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aftermarket dvd system

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I didnt get the navigational system option with my mazda3, but wish I would have because I like the placement of the screen. I now want to get an lcd screen and dvd player installed. My question is where or who can I get to install a dvd system where I can get the factory style motorized screen in the factory location? Is it possible?
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:?: not an expert on the possibility of it ...but doubt it only cuase you'd have to really cut up the top dash and it could go horribly wrong unless you fiberglassed your whole dash to work an aftermarket unit in....your total cost for all would be around 5k...way too much...VS....$1700 option on the stock OEM....conclusion....not good idea :idea: :cry:
All of us are anxiously awaiting news on the price/availability of the motorized dash piece, but until it comes out, I suggest waiting on any major alterations. I would love a nice screen there, but I'm not willing to spend huge amounts of cash for it to look barely satisfactory, there's just no point in my mind.
No word yet... of the part. Mazda claims they are out of stock. We arent sure since the part number comes up N/A.

Believe me, if anyone will have it first, it will be me. And if I can get my hands on more, I will spend my whole months paycheck and buy all that I can.

Another idea is to keep on eye on the scrap yards. I know its still a fairly new car, but people will smash them up. I'm actually looking for some non tweeter plastic triangles/rear view mirror pieces, so I can place the tweets were I want.
You should be able to pick those up new for less than $30 a set.

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