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I've been in contact with AEM every week as well as my suppliers. I've been over this time and again and done so kindly with everyone who has taken the time to contact me personally, but will do so here.

In regards to the auctions, I have sent an email to a few of the sellers who refuse to acknowledge where they got the intakes from. The buyers I have contacted have not said they ever recived an intake.

AEM hasn't given us much of a reason as to why the SRIs have not shipped. I get bounced around to sales, to tech support, to every secretary in the company. Whats really a hassle is that I can't even buy direct through them, I have to buy through a distributor because, according to my rep at AEM "direct sales isn't our bag." So just to find out that the CAI was shipping I've had to talk to three or four different people.

I do totally understand your frustration, and believe me its personally very frustrating. I can only hope the Injen and K&N launches go smoother than this.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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