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AEM polished intake $70

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AEM cold air intake used for 9,000 miles in seattle. Freshly cleaned and recharged. All mounting hardware included. 2 dime sized dents (won't affect performance or fitment, hardly visable). $70, plus shipping.

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May I ask how it got dented?
I wonder if it has something to do with his Mazda3 being "destroyed" as stated in his sig line...
when the car got smashed something must have tagged it. It fits perfectly, it just has the two dings. There really not all that dramatic.
would you be willing to ship to canada for more $$?
well i would be willing to send it to canada, but i'm not asking for any more money, shipping cost isn't included in the $70. But i would be willing to sell it to you for $60 plus shipping costs.
and i'm sorry for not clarifying, i am going to be shipping from phoenix. I now live here.
offtopic, but you got a cobalt SS? nice.... hows it treating you? Fun as the mazda3? Funner maybe?

but glad to see your okay.
The cobalt SS is being returned saturday because it falls under the lemon law. 6 times the brake rotors have gone to shit. I hated every second of owning that car. I have an 06 tacoma 4x4 trd now, it's awesome.
60 and shipping, how do you think will cost to new bruiswick canada? and will fit a 2.0l mtx
It came off of a 2 liter mtx. So your willing to go 60 plus shipping correct? I will go to the UPS store tommorow to determine how much it will cost, but i need a zip code (do they do zips in canada?) to find your area.
wondering if you have made a deal yet ??
if not could you give me a total to kansas 66044. THANKS
also how you accept money.
I accept paypal. First come first serve. I priced shipping to canada today, it was $20-25, i assume kansas would be 15 or so.
karl Marx has purchased the intake. Sorry guys.
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