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Advan RS wheel

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Hi friends, may i know how you think of this wheel im getting. thanks alot for your opinion
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the wheel is cool

your avatar, not so much
dont call me a friend with that fkn picture as your avatar you dick!!!
hes pretty coolman.. :lol:
there are certain things that aren't funny to joke about. I've reported you, as this is way more offensive than bookeems "booty" avatars, please change it
Pretty sure this guy is a troll - I dont really know how many "pre-2000 Mz3 hatches" there are, but I'll take a stab and say none.
Even if he is fake, the rims are pretty nice. I checked out some advan rims before.... the kind I wanted (can't recall the model at this time) were HELLA expensive... something to the tune of over $400/rim! :shock:
Oh absolutely the Advan rims are great looking. I considered getting them at one point - until I saw that the 17x7.5 were going for $475 each, and the 18x7.5 were $575!

advan ftw.
+1 for model 5 or model 7
I ordered these awhile ago. Just another month to month and a half to go till they get here. :(
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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