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We have spent some time looking at building adjustable dampening front struts and rear shocks for the Mazda 2. We have now hit the point where we need to decide if you the Mazda 2 customers would want them if we produce them. The struts would be a 10-25 step adjustable dampening gas charged twin tube design and would work with stock and lowering springs. The adjusters would be accessible on the front through the top of the strut and on the rears from the wheel well, not the inside of the hatch.

There is a significant investment we would have to make for the tooling to get this project off the ground which is why I am posting up asking for your thoughts. We would be looking at a price of $399 for the complete set of 4 dampers. It would take us around 6-9 months to have the struts/shocks ready to go once we started them.

How many of you would be willing to put down $50 towards the purchase of these to get it going? This is more of a question and not a request for people to put money down.

We are open to any and all comments on this project so fire away.

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