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2013 Mazda3 i SV, 2.0L, 5 speed automatic
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As the title suggests. The car I recently purchased I know has a unique set of options. Power windows and locks, remote keyless entry, steering radio controls but no cruise.

I’d like to add it, but want to confirm what I need and if there’s any good sources for used parts, as the switches I think I need are the most expensive for new ( go figure). I’ve found some write ups here and otherwise for the older models but not the ‘13. If I’m not mistaken, 2010-2013 are basically the same procedure.

I believe I need these buttons:

But at about $200 new all over, used will be the way to go if possible unless I can find a complete wheel setup the way I need.

Question: on this steering wheel, do I need a whole wheel or can the blank part on the RH side be removed to make room for the switches?

I have read different things, some say it’s plug and play, others say a dealer reprogram is necessary. I’m fine with the latter, but would like to know if you guys know of a Mazda dealer in the Chicagoland area that is familiar with doing this to save me some time finding one.

In my previous line of work I have 10 years in an independent shop, so I’m up to the task of whatever is needed but I’m checking here to be best informed to not waste down time with the car.

Thanks all I advance!

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