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2 n00b questions here...
i just bought a 2009 3 i sport (< $14,000 out the door), and so far love driving it. however:

1) the accessory drive belts seem loud. i have not seen any post commenting on this, but was curious if anyone else felt the same. i'm not talking about squealing, but just a general sense that a it is louder than it should be (possibly a bearing). it's not noticeable when moving, but when idling it is. it is definitely louder than our civic, caravan, or volvo.
2) does anyone see any problem with using low rpms in second gear? i have the opinion that as long as i'm rolling over 5 mph, there's no need to use first (yes, it's super flat where i live). our old porsche would not tolerate this very well, but i think the mazda 3 has a much more flexible engine.

any and all comments appreciated!
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