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Ok so my cousin's father-in-law owns a company that does stoves and fireplaces... and becasue of that they also do many many different types of PC finishes. My cousin is actually getting into just doing PC finish products. Well I can get my wheels done for $15 a wheel. My question is how much does it usually cost to get the tires taken off and remounted and balanced? I am so tired of my stock 17" Five stars.. but I thought if I got them a titanium grey I might like them more on my Sunlight Silver S Sedan.
If anyone has the snowflake wheels or some RX8 rims or any rims they want to trade I can get you that deal :klavergreg:
Actually if anyone is in the central VA area let me know I probably can get you that deal anyway....

Just don't know how well the 3 drives on the rotors.. cause I am going to need to get to work somehow while my wheels are being done.. what do you guys normally do?
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