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At this point and going that ;long you may have a few things now need to be replaced in you HVAC system. I am also wonder how you kept the widow defrosted as the MAZDA like most vehicles uses the HVAC defrost that actuates the AC compressor which all help dry the air in the defrost setting? Never the less there is nothing you can do at this point except take it to a shop that specializes in HAVC or Mazda .
I am going to go out on the limb and estimate you cost to get the AC up and running looking at the pictures and your description how and when it was running about 1500-2500 USD. (Based on average labor hourly rate west coast ) So I would be prepared for the "COST SHOCK"!

If it was covered under your insurance there is always a very slim chance you can get it covered by claiming the AC system and that part was should have been replaced? You can also use the fact that because cooler months came directly after your repair you were not aware of the AC not working.
The only problem is when the shop recharged the AC they should have used a test to make sure there were no leaks. If they did than you may not be able to use that argument?

Good Luck!
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