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about buying Mazda 3 Speed body kits ($3200 or $1799). confused!

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Do i need to to extra modifications for buying mazda speed bodykits? i have a 05 mazda sport GT. will the speed kits 07 new model tho?
I am looking at dealer's factory speed kits for $ 3200 and a aftermarket replica speed kits for $1799, which one will you guys choose?
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Re: about Mazda 3 Speed body kit

or more likely, he's talking about the mazdaspeed body kit for 3 (if not then :lmao: )

if it's still available you should be able to get it from a local mazdaspeed dealer.....or I'm sure one of the sponsors here could ship it to you....I doubt it would qualify for free shipping though :wink: extra modifications shouldn't be necessary....they say you must get the grill and front bumper not one or the other.
it looks good in person (better then in pictures) but like the others said the price is insane...way to much!
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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