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about buying Mazda 3 Speed body kits ($3200 or $1799). confused!

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Do i need to to extra modifications for buying mazda speed bodykits? i have a 05 mazda sport GT. will the speed kits 07 new model tho?
I am looking at dealer's factory speed kits for $ 3200 and a aftermarket replica speed kits for $1799, which one will you guys choose?
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+1 1799 is still alot of money for unpainted body kit.. usually they are about 1000 bucks.

but if you really wanted it, id go for cheaper.

3200-1799 = 1,401 dollars... that would be your paint job basically + fitment issues if you got any, for that much money, you could probably have the shop install it for you too.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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