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A-spec Mazda 3

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My wishes (without changing the vehicle's platform) for the 3

2.0L turbo with 170lbft at 2000rpm
190-200hp SAE net

55-45 f/r weight distribution
(move the battery to the trunk, CF hood, aluminum block, full size spare in the rear, bigger fuel tank under the back seat)

4WD hopefully as an option

6 speed manual or 5 speed auto +/-
i m incometent at manual shifts and i m old.

2 tone leather. RCA output from headunit

16" rims only please... please let us choose our own light weight 17" rims...
front slot disks and rear drilled with ss lines.

all xenon lights in da front. black out lights in the tail.

Carbon mica metallic black as one of the colours.

hehe 8)
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Can we say MazdaSpeed3?
lol...I see the next fast and furious. Yeah just wait until the Mazdaspeed/MPS version comes out.
200 hp? I'm looking for something closer to 280!
Damn. That would be nice for the GA 400. I want something like that in my MZ6. Need for Speed :twisted:
400, what a crazy road.
I know. I top out on that thing every time but ppl still pass me or ride next to me while doing 120mph. BTW 400 is GA autobahn. hehe..
Psyclops said:
Carbon mica metallic black as one of the colours.

hehe 8)
Curiously though, I think that's exactly what Black Mica looks like. Why do I say that? It's because of the metallic base that they put into the black. Even though it's "black", there's it's actually quite "shiny" in a metallic way when in the sun.....and thus not looking pure black at all! More like the carbon fibre look!
Psyclops said:
2 tone leather.
I've got two tone leather in my 6, and it's sweet. 8)
I'm jealous. I have the boring hard cloth seats.
Well, it was certainly one of the biggest incentives for buying my car. In fact it's the reason I bought MY car. I would never have bought a black car, except I really liked the fact that there was really nice leather in it. :)
Isn't the 3 already an all-aluminum engine?
yes, the 2.3 is an all aluminum engine. It may have iron sleeves in the cyclinders however.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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