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Okay i know with a CAI (from my previous car) it gave the car, higher end torque (power) around 3000 or so rpms if i gunned it, you reallllly heard the cai kick in and give it a VERY VERY VERY nice pull over the crappy stockyness.

the only way for me to have gotten the LOW end torque up was from engine mounts.

Now for the 3, ive noticed it has great pull already in the higher end side, but the low end is a bit low lol

are there engine mounts or such things or ANYTHINg that will add to the low end torque? as a CAI will just again add to the 3000 plus range?


that's pretty much the same gains ur gonna receive from all Aftermarket filters released...

How much is AEM selling their system for???
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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