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so the speed3 got a stock BOV or DV?



[quote author=ssinstaller link=topic=71686.msg1261989#msg1261989 date=1173665257]
There will be no difference during normal driving unless the BOV is leaking. If you run VTA the motor will spike VERY rich after shifts, and you'll get the occasional backfire. The car wil not stall or die if you run VTA, but you can damage your cats over the long run(because of the backfires)...

+1 Over time though it is said to stall

A aftermarket BOV will still be quiet like the stock BOV if the aftermarket is under RESIRC

The way to get a good sound is a CAI, it unlocks the stock BOV (i love it)
Intercooler and CBE/TBE will only help make it louder but i dont know that for a fact.
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