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A bump in the tire wall

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I noticed that I have a bump in the tire wall, the problem is that the tire has 75% more or less life left. How dangerous is to drive with the tire like that?
anyone have had an experience that can share?
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tire bubble ftl!!!

you might be ok...take it to a tire shop and have them look at it.
tire bubble in miami? i didnt think you had potholes there. :lol:
Definitely not good. Have it looked at (and almost certainly replaced) ASAP.
most likely hit a big pothole at speed causing damage to the sidewall. as others have mentioned, have it checked out as soon as possible. will most likely need to be replaced.
i will, thanks alot

speed + bump = tire bubble

I have goodyear f1 215/45 R17
I will most likely replace the tire with a bridgestone, more expensive but stronger tire
I had that happen to my 3 and was told by two different mechanic/friends to get it replaced for safety sake.
eh i used to work around that that sort of stuff all day, get it replaced... its not good. ive seen them get as big as softballs, it can get pretty dangerous, especially with increased speed.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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