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88mph's Black Sedan

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Finally, got my Black Mica 5speed sedan.
Such a comfortable ride, so smooth.
Turning some heads too. :wink:

Such a sexy car, the contours of both the interior and exterior.
I'm in love.

One happy customer.

EDIT: The usual :twisted:
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congratz ... now ... I know poeple are gonna tell u to post pictures ehehh so i am gonna tell you for them 8)
100+km winds and blowing snow arent only the reason why I'm not taking pics now, but why I'm not cruising around town either. I will in due time ;)
How was that 15 feet of snow you got bitch?!

JJ about the bitch part.
budgy said:
JJ about the b***h part.
Phew! I thought I was going to start writing one of those :twisted: emails
majorly sucks. shovelled for 3 days strait... bitch.

There are still, literally, hallways of snow, cant see around corners.
Always the fear of some ass clown taking off my front end.

Spring can't come fast enough. :cry:
Better get a flux capacitor installed so you can achieve temperal displacement :lol:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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