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I just called my local Mazda dealer's parts department to get a price on a rim for my '04 hatch. The woman asked me for the last whatever digits of the car's VIN, and I told her it was a 17" rim that came stock on the '04 sport models. She wouldn't give me the info without giving her the VIN digits, so I said "fine, I'll call another Mazda dealer." She then said "wait, let me see what I can come up with" and proceeded to do a search. She said there were SEVEN different rims styles for '04. WTF? All I've EVER seen are the 17" rims like on my car, the 16" and 15". Is it really THAT hard to look on the computer and see a 17" rim for an '04 sport model? What are these seven different styles. I've been a member of this forum for nearly three years and have seen MANY pictures over the years and have NEVER noticed seven different styles for '04.

Can anyone verify this?

In the meantime... :grr:
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