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49,500 miles: what should I have checked?

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My 2006 3i is getting close to 50,000 miles, and the end of the warranty. I haven't had the 30,000 or 45,000 service. I don't have time to DIY, and my local mechanic isn't really that great with Mazdas, so I'm willing to pay the Dealer Tax for the convenience.

(For the below questions: I commute 75 miles per day, 5 days per week, mainly highway miles.)

My questions are:

It's $450-something for the 45,000 to flush the transmission (auto) and coolant. I should have this done, right? I don't think either have been done yet. Oil change, too.

I haven't had the brake pads changed yet. They're probably due, right? I don't feel any runouts, so the rotors are probably ok.

With the warranty about to expire, ought I consider extending it? Not that I want to spend the money, but...

Is there anything specific I should ask them to look at so if something is broken I can get it fixed under the warranty?

(I looked back over the past posts looked for specific answers, but I only spent an hour doing so. There are so many...)


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Ok, my cars at 54k, and theres a laundry list of issues. Make sure you get all fluids changed (oil, transmission, power steering, coolant, etc, etc.). Have the dealer check your thermostat.. mine just bit the dust and they tried to charge me $330 to replace it. Check all shocks, struts, suspension components for excess wear or leakage. My brake pads are fine, but have them check that too for good measure. Most importantly, have them check ALL of your engine mounts. The passenger side mount is the one that tends to fail the most, but having them check all of them is a good idea.

Good luck.
$450 seems kind of steep for tranny and coolant flush. You can probably get both of those services done at any repair shop for less then $100 each. It really requires no skill, just the correct tools for flushing.
The $450 is the full 30,000/45,000 service, of which the tranny and coolant flush just a part included. I don't have the list in front of me of what else they do, but I think they charge about $120 for each of the flushes. High, I know, but I need to take it to the dealer to get to it checked out for any in-warranty problems.

Thanks, sdemo45, for the tips.

I'll do a search for extended warranty advice, but if someone can post a summary, that would be nice.
I have over 50K miles on my 06 Mazda3s, and I've had no issues at all though I do all the maintenance myself and the car has never been to a mechanic for anything other than warranty work.

Some of the warranty work that was done prior to hitting the 50K mark was:

Passenger Engine Mount leaking and busted and 3 CEL's for Purge Solenoid valve (The last visit the dealer just got rid of the CEL permanently without fixing it cause they had no purge valves in stock, haha)

Here's the maintenance I've done, keep in mind everyone has their own schedules, and this is just one I came up with on my own so it's not Mazda's or the best...

Replace Coolant with longlife Peak Global Lifetime stuff, or extended life coolant. (First flush at 30K miles, next flush every 50K miles)
Replace Transmission fluid with Mercon V or M-V. (Every 25K miles)
Oil Changes every 7K miles
Change Air filter every 25K miles with my CAI (Or Clean it with K&N Recharge)
Replace Power Steering Fluid with Mercon V. (every 50K miles)
Replace Brake Fluid (Every 30K miles)

Sea Foamed the engine
Tried Shell V-power and Techron fuel additive

Will replace spark plugs at 75K miles.
So far my thermostat has been fine, but if it does go then I'll know to just replace it. Somebody on the forums said it was pretty easy to do if I remember.

Those are the major things. Don't let the dealer charge you extra for misc garbage like inspecting tires and lubricated hinges and locks. That sort of thing can be done by yourself and they just spray the hinges with silicone dry lube and check the treads if you are on the wear indicators.

If you get nit picky, you can hand choose what services you want done and this should save you some money.

I think most of the time the full circle inspections are free... Why? Because the dealer wants to find out any little thing wrong with your car so they can make some money fixing it. Even if it's warranty related work... It's still work. :)
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I have a 2006 3 GT wagon with the 5ATX, and I pretty much did my 60K mile stuff at 50K miles.

I would normally only visit a Mazda or Ford dealer while the car was under warranty, but I now use a great local mechanic (friend of the in-laws) who has specialized in Fords, Mazdas, Volvos, and Saabs for years...perfect for me. With that said, he only charged me $150 for all the fluid changes (even used Motorcraft).

Most reputable mechanics can change the fluids, and use the correct fluids, I wouldn't worry about using only the dealer. The engines (either 2.0 or 2.3) and transaxles have been around for almost a decade, so really there is nothing super special about servicing them. Often times, there are Mazda-specific shops that have been previously trained and worked for Mazda (or a Mazda dealer)...those are great finds, probably charge between a local tire shop and the dealer.

If you stick with the dealer, tell them exactly what you want done...go through the owner's manual as well. The dealer will add on service items that are not required or even suggested by the manufacture, and it is merely a way to get some more money from you. Great for most consumers who see they have (for example) 60k miles and viola! need the 60k mile service done.

Everything above except the brake fluid, since I haven't changed the pads yet. The pads are only 30% worn and the rotors are great. Nothing wrong with the thermostat or motor mounts.

I did a few things myself: lubricated the chassis, checked the bushings, cleaned the K&N CAI filter, cleaned the MAF sensor, and double-checked the fluids changed. All in less than an hour, start with the filter first and do the other stuff while it's drying.

Regarding the extended warranty. That is completely up to you, if it brings you peace of mind then go for it. However, most cars that have issues are going to have them early on. Items that are wearable are often not under warranty. You have an 'i' model, with less gadget stuff and less to go out (mainly electronic) I wouldn't worry too much about it. Take care of the car, drive it easy, and you'll be fine. The major known issues, such as the motor mounts are under $200 installed. The 2006, IMO, was a pretty good model year...many small but irritating bugs were worked out and the issues tend to be minimal.
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If I could transfer my extended warranty to you I would. I have no need for it. My car is unbreakable.
I just had my manual trans fluid changed at 50k miles at the dealer, they charged $90 (Mazda Gallery in Norwood).. The only other services I have done are change the air filter myself, oil changes every 5k miles, and tire rotations..

I think changing brake fluid every 30k is a complete waste of money.. But if it gives u peace of mind and you can afford it, then do it.. My previous car was a Nissan Maxima and I don't think I ever changed the brake fluid, 0 issues with brakes except some grinding caused by cheap brake pads from Autozone at like 150k miles.

I will probably do the coolant change soon since the manual says to change every 60k, unless you have the FL22 type, which is longer

Now that I think about it the transmission flush was probably a waste at 50k, not like these engines are that powerful, and I am very easy on my transmission when I drive...

I second the idea that you should just pick and choose what services you want done, charging $450 for tranny and coolant flush and then "checking" a bunch of other stuff is a complete rip off for the 30k/45k service
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