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You might need to get in quick before notice their mistake on this one!!!

Here how it went:

Hi, I just took out insurance with these guys & knocked £200 off my insurance!!

I now drive a Mazda 3 MPS. 5 odd year NCD, Fully comp, protected, loan car, £150 excess, Me (35) + GF (30)!

Swiftcover Insurance cost = £227

Tesco renewal = £430 (£380 After I rang to cancel)

I couldn't believe the quote & ended up doing it about 4 times. I used & MoneySupermarket to get the quotes. I also thought that maybe because the car is only just out that they had just quoted for the nearest model. Nope, it quite clearly states at the top of the docs wg56*** Mazda 3 MPS!

I'm still a bit confused but hey, it's there problem now cos I paid in full!!

& they don't post docs they send them as a .pdf.

Anyway the long & the short is that I just saved £200 :D

Anyone else had good/bad dealings with them?


I already took out that insurance, paid in full, one hit! :D

Anyway, I've been mucking around tonight on swiftcover tonight just looking (out of interest) how much to insure a new TypeR & it came out at something like £560, so then I changed car details to a 3 MPS & it came out at £238?? My GF then said try a different Mazda 3, so I tried a 2.0l Sport (£280) & then a 1.6 (£220)! A mistake on their part me thinks.

If they discover their mistake later on in the year can they charge me the difference?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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