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Thought I'd give Mazda3Forums first crack at the two phones I am putting up for sale before it goes up on ebay. Price for everything is $200 SHIPPED OBO.

My brother and I recently switched phones to the Droid 4, so our old phones are no longer needed. Here is the short description of each and the accessories that follow:

#1 Droid (mine):
Recently exchanged for refurbished unit back in November 2011 (that's why the original box S/N does not match), but will provide original box with manuals. Rooted. 8GB SD card. Has had screen protector at all times, but will remove before shipment due to it being old. Minor scratches on edges due to holster rubbing.

#2 Droid (brother's):
No original box and manuals. NOT Rooted - but can root if required. 8GB SD card. Had Invisible Shield screen protector when used, but took it off because it was too old to leave on. Brother had the full invisible shield body kit twice, but he didn't like the feeling, so the second time he only used the screen guard. That's why there is the bodyshield in the accessories (without the screen protector though. Minor scratches on edges due to holster rubbing.

1) 2 extra batteries (charge holding is not known but they should at least hold for a couple of hours) under normal use
2) Screen protector - only one left in the pack
3) Invisible Shield with installation card - body film only, screen film has already been used
4) 2x Power USB cable with Wall USB charger connector (the 2nd set is missing from picture)
5) 1x Droid desktop cradle - use the power USB cable mentioned in #4
6) 1x Car suction cup mounting with extra holder
7) 1x Motorola H710 Bluetooth Headset with charging cable (charging cable can also charge the droid phones).

Please keep in mind, that these phones are only single processors and 3G speed only - they should not be compared to the latest phones out on the market in terms of processing speed and internet speed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via PM. I will provide video proof of working status to serious buyers. Thanks.

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