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25-30 stonechips!!

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Washed my car today for the first time in a few weeks and my hood is chipped all over!! I've got about 5000KM on it now, but the amount of stonechips is insane. My 95 Volvo had less than this! I'm seriously thinking about complaining to my dealer or Mazda. Although I'm sure it will get me nowhere.
Anyone else having problems with stone/paintchips?
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5 hood chips on a Tit grey GT GFX sedan I examined in parking lot. Also had chips on teh side sills.

VERY Scary. The chips were deep as well
Maybe a clearcoat from a cheap paint shop like maaco would be usefull against blocking rock chips, or a cloth bra.
Gosh People! Where are you driving, off road? You shouldn't be getting that many chips in your paint, heck, shouldn't be getting any at all if you are driving on highways, freeways, and even local roads? I don't get it, all these posts almost scared me, but I'm not gonna let 'em do it because everyone lives in a different state/location.
Found a great trick. My girlfriends idea actually. Being that I cannot get touch up paint in lava orange right now. We went to the beauty supply store and found nail polish that matched PERFECTLY! I think its called burnt bronze? I would have never thought of it. I'll just have to keep her around after all.

Take a sewing needle or something like that with a fine point. I used a paper clip opened up. I dipped the tip in the nail polish and filled in the paint chip. WORKED PERFECTLY!

Nail polish has a built in gloss to it, so when it dries is matches the gloss in cars paint.
Had the same problem with the accord my family has and we bought the plastic hood deflector and we haven't gotten as many rock chips on the hood. I got the same kinda deflector on my car and I don't have any (yet? *knock on wood*).
zephyrantes said:
spicoli: just exactly what are you going to complain about? No offence, but you don't have a valid reason to complain and request a "warranty" on paint if your car has rock chips on it. Even if Mazda had put 3-4 coats of clear on the hood, you'd still get rock chips. I'm sorry if I sound offensive, but I have worked at both a bodyshop and a dealership, and for someone to "complain"/warranty about rock chips on a car with 5000kms is WRONG.
I think there are two ways to view this problem.

one is that getting chips in the paint is unavoidable, and that everyone's driving patter will eventually result in chips to the paint... whether that happens in the first 5000 km or the 150000th km.

the second is that the Mazda paint application is deficient - resulting in an abnormally high rate of chips versus their expectations. However, not all Mazda3 cars have the same observed problem; the symptom seems to greatly affect some cars while leaving others to a normal chipping amount or no chipping amount.

I love to bitch about things when they aren't going my way - and the hypocrite in me also hates it when others bitch without any real cause. But, I do not believe that saying this paint problem is something that is completely driver error and that people who are complaining need to stop. Personally, I have no probelm with chipped paint (2500 miles or 4000 kilom.). However, the problem that I have amounts to groves being carved into my brake rotors. Should I stop complaining to my dealership and Mazda USA about brakes? My brake problem was just observed at the 3500km mark. Is that too late? Was my driving so bad that I did this - and it's my responsibility to stop bothering Mazda because I'm obviously at fault?

Who is allowed to judge the distinction between a sensible complaint about paint chips or a sensible complaint about a perceived defect in my brakes? A defect is a defect - the fact that some people; even Mazda Representitives take such a harsh stance where they blame driver error or poor driving habits is what we're complaining about. Do you think spicoli would have posted this if he had only 1 or 2 chips in his bumper? Do you think anyone would quesiton their brakes if only a few owners saw one concentric groove in their rotors? Is it just spicoli; by himself voicing this problem? We have this forum to bring to others' attention what we find out about our cars. This small sub-section of Mazda3 owners all over the world has identified a possible defect.

I believe Mazda has a responsiblity to make a conscious effort to make note of these perceived defects in an attempt to find a correlation. They need to identify if a batch of cars had sub-standard paint. They need to identify if some cars have potentially unsafe brake pads. It is wrong that they seem to just be turning a blind eye - and telling customers that they are incorrect for complaining. We paid for a new car... the fact that the car isn't behaving like a new car is cause for complaint and concern.

I hope, but doubt that spicoli's problem is addressed. It is too easy - justly or not - for someone to say that defective paint will not risk lives... but faulty brakes will. So be it... just don't expect the customer to take that with a grain of salt. So far, that is exactly what Mazda is telling those with chips in their paint... that they need to deal with it and shut up. Their expectations shouldn't be on par with other cars... they are wrong. For me, the same message is being conveyed about my brakes. It is obvious that I cannot drive and drag my foot on the pedal too much... it is my fault. It is not a pleasant solution to a perceived problem - and owners will complain because they do not perceive a fair resolution to the matter.

By the way, my Maxima with 135,000 miles has 2 chips on the hood and 3 on the front bumper. I have no problems with my brakes at all. I will not agree with an assertion that in 10 years, no advancement has been made in paint - and brakes are now sub-standard. After driving 2,500 miles - and 1,800 of that was highway behind all types of trucks... I have no chips; that is how it should be.
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ugh.. today as i was putting my bag into my car, the metal buckle knicked my door and took a chip right out of it. the paint shouldn't chip that easily, it was only a tap. i can't wait to see what the rocks do to my car after a few months if my bookbag can leave such a scar.
whoa... I've actually (stupid wind) knocked my car door against a metal sign one day... surprisingly it didn't leave a mark. My computer bag has hit the paint a couple of times as well with no ill effects.

FYI, I don't baby things as much as I should :|

It really sounds like your paint lacks the flexors and hardeners that help it resist chips and flaking.

I remember a friend of mine who requested that a body shop paint a urethane front lip for him. When he went to go pick it up, the guy who handed the thing to him actually chipped the paint when he set it down.

They must have used the crappiest paint or something - but he ended up getting a refund.
i got one on the way home when i bought it
show my roomate my new ride with 50 miles on it and a big chip
no traffic or nothing, there were cars like 60ft aheadd for a little big of the road i drive

new paint jobs for everyone?
Chips can be avoided...

since there are no mudguards, drive slowly when u're cornering and when there's rocks on the ground. Otherwise, u'll fling a whole bunch of shit up from the tires and chip your paint..

I guess it also depends on the roads in your city n stuff... but i had my car for 2 months now and i only have one chip on the roof... I don't have a clue how it got
I only have about 5 noticable chips in the front of my black 3s. However, the paint is really failing on my roof!! Just by the radio attenna my clear coat is comming up! I thought something had driped on it so when I was washing the car I tried to scrub it off. Nothing! It's still there and now looking even worse! It's a white stain. I think my car must have that TSB about the plastic paint gaurd staining the paint job.

First, I have the brakes that I'm still waiting on the dealer for the new pads. And now this!! I'm tempted to file the lemon law paper work for the brakes now so that when they get groves again I can make them buy the car back. I also have a TON of light scratches. I use the softest foam sponges to wash my car and I've had it professionally waxed the first week of ownership after reading about early paint problems here. No help!

Between the brakes, ABS, paint, and God only knows what else will come up (it's only been two months now, imagine year 3!) I'm tempted to get rid of this car. I bought the car to stay away from the dealership service department (had a 00 Volvo S70, always in the shop) but It's been two months and I've talked to the general manager of my dealership no less than 6 times and visited the service department 5 times. NOT looking good. I'm tired of repairing cars and I'm feed up.

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I have 0 with 3000 highway miles. You might benefit from the 3M invisible bra, or as much as I hate them a regular bra. Either protect it or deal with it :)
Mazda_3some said:
Chips can be avoided...

since there are no mudguards, drive slowly when u're cornering and when there's rocks on the ground.
You realize you're on a Mazda forum? It's near impossible to corner SLOWLY in a Mazda, especially a 3. The whole idea of driving a Mazda is to take a 90 degree turn at 90 MPH. :)

Incidentally, I don't have any chips yet, at about 900 miles in, but I do have this scratch in the front, from one headlight, up and around to the other. Like someone was dragging their coat zipper or something. Gotta go figure out how to make it disappear (not that it's real visible unless you look close, but...)
paint chips

Gotta tell ya I'm starting to get a little pissed off at people assuming the the paints chips are somehow directly related to the individual driving the vehicle.
I have approx. 25-35 chips on my Mazda 3 Sport, Sunlight Silver. I have 20000kms, 95% highway. I have owned a number of new vehilces before this mazda that didn't have more than 10 chips after 200000kms. The paint on my mazda is incredibley thin when compared to my two other vehicles(Grand Cherokee and VW Golf).
I have only had this car for 6 months....I hate to imagine what it will look like in 2 yrs!!!!!!!!!!!
@chadg..please put your location in your profile. And yeah...I totally agree with you on the paint issue.
Ive got quite a few too!! I was told by Mazda that they are sorry but I should talk to my dealer....
bps1977 said:
Ive got quite a few too!! I was told by Mazda that they are sorry but I should talk to my dealer....
That means "Sorry but we won't do shit".
M3-GT said:
bps1977 said:
Ive got quite a few too!! I was told by Mazda that they are sorry but I should talk to my dealer....
That means "Sorry but we won't do shit".
It also means "Quit wasting our goddamn time; we're still baffled by these grooving brakes. Well, not really."
Exactly, they will look at it and say "Yep, them there is paint chips", here is a another free bottle touch up paint for you! LOL
Re: 25-30 stonechips!! Ha you are lucky!!

Sad to say , but with 22,000 miles and 9 months of driving I have 142 :shock: paint chips on car (M3 Ti Gray) as of today, between the front bumper, front hood, front roof ( infront of my sunroof) and on both side skirts by the back doors. I am trying to figure out what to do, so far I have about 85% of them filled :| using lanka , my toothpick, and 2nd bottle of touchup paint which mazda made me buy :x . I just don't think it is right that it is chipping so easily :? . I am actually keeping a chart of the number of chips I have filled after reading about the problems with the paint on the 3's. I confess I do about 80 % highway driving , but I am carefull. Any suggestions ? I am almost tempted to have my insurance paint the whole car.

Angry Mazda 3 owner... Aka Bob :grr:
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