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Sorry if this is the wrong place, just bought a 2016 Mazda 3 2.0, automatic, hatchback for commuting to work. I changed the oil this morning and noticed what looked like oil dripping out of the aerodynamic plastic covering (aerocover?). Went ahead and removed the aerocover and there was some oil accumulated. Odd thing is it's directly under the transmission side, not the oil pan side. Despite the picture, it's definitely brown liquid that feels and smells like oil. Not transmission fluid as far as I can tell. The small hatch covering that is supposed to be there and removed to change the oil is not there as I was thinking maybe a previous sloppy oil change and it flowed over there?

I've attached pictures, the oil pan, transmission pan and both their gaskets are bone dry. However, under both of those there is almost an oil residue/soot build up on other components. Could this possibly be an exhaust gasket issue? Sorry for the long post, wondering if anyone else has seen or had this issue. I'm gonna run the car without the under pan plastic and really check it out good tomorrow to see if I can find anything leaking perhaps and will definitely take it to a mechanic next week to have it looked at.

Thank you very much for any help!
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