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Hi everyone,

This is my first post, I wanted to make something for people who are shopping for a new 2015 i Touring or i Grand Touring Hatch, since there was nothing on the site about pricing for this specific year and model. I ended up purchasing a white iGT with an auto dim mirror, but since I was unsure when I got to the dealership of what I wanted I negotiated for both and decided upon knowing the final price.

Before going to any dealerships I went through to get offers from about 5 dealerships in my area. Once I had the offers I visited the cheapest dealership and the closest dealership.

Prices for both cars after negotiating:

Dark Blue i Touring Hatchback - $18,739
This was the sales price of the car not including tax, fees, and other stuff. The out the door price for this car was $20,489.

White i Grand Touring Hatchback - $21,800
Again this was the sales price of the car not including tax, fees, and other stuff. This also includes an auto dim mirror. The price I paid before taking it off the lot was $24,140.

Also a word of warning to anyone about to buy a Mazda from a dealership. After you are settled with a sales price you are handed off to a guy who wants to sell you warranties and maintenance plans. Make sure you get specific information about what it is that you are buying and what kind of damage/maintenance it covers.

The mazda total advantage (MTA) plan is advertised to cover all scheduled maintenance. This plan really only pre pays for oil changes and tire rotations. The cost you are paying for this service is about $180 per oil change and tire rotation. I did not buy this plan since I can get an oil change and tire rotation done for $60 at the local shop, or I can do it myself for around $40.

Also, I am interested to see whether or not I got a good deal on the iGT.
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