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Can a subcompact be fun to drive, attractive, fuel efficient, geek-friendly and affordable? It seems like Ford is trying to combine all those traits into one tiny package, and while the Ford Fiesta was a fun to drive subcompact in the past, too many issues have kept it from being at the top of the class. However, powertrain refinements and a few extra updates have come for the 2014 model year, and Ford now has the opportunity to take back some lost ground in the small car market.


Hard to miss, the Fiesta is rarely seen in a pedestrian paint job, a good thing too, since the car is so attractive. A lot full of Fiestas looks like a bowl full of Skittles, and the Fiesta is just as smile inducing as the sweet candies. For 2014, the subcompact gets the Ford corporate grille which some say is borrowed from Aston Martin, while others see a cheese-grater stuck to the front end. Regardless of the origin or inspiration, the Fiesta is undeniably hot and receives a mild exterior tweak.
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