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The irony is we ALL ended up on the RS3 with the exception of a few Mazda2's on Toyos and Lee's toyo/BFG setup. lol :)

Have you decided which tires you're running for 2014? If so, what led to that decision?

Anyone running in the new "Street" classes, or "Street Touring" classes can still run tires with a 140 utqg rating for 2014. So the list of competitive tire options should look something like this:

- BFGoodrich Rival
- Dunlop ZII
- Toyo R1R
- Hankook RS3
- Yokohama AD08R
- Bridgestone RE11A
- Kumho XS
- Falken RT615K

Let me know if I missed any.

Also, to qualify my thoughts on tires... I should mention that I've worked in different areas of the tire industry for 8 years, and have owned my own competition wheel and tire business for the last 2.5 years. I sell, mount, balance, and shave tires, and have been competing in autocross since 2005. I'm in regular communication with most of my local customers. So I've received a lot of thoughts/opinions of the various tires on the market.

That said, I've narrowed down the list of tires that interest me for my STF car. My top choices are:

1. Toyo R1R
2. Dunlop ZII
3. BFG Rival

The Toyo's can be pretty amazing if they work for your application. I'm not sure if they'll work for me or not, but my experience so far leads me to believe they're worth a try. The Dunlops have been very popular with heavier cars, and those that run them claim they offer great "feel." I also like the fact that they're 2 pounds lighter per tire in the same size as the Toyo. The BFG Rival is the tire I ran last year on my RTF Scion TC. I think they lack "feel," but the grip is impressive on most surfaces. They also have a nice contingency program.
101 - 101 of 101 Posts