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Paypal ONLY
Ship in continental USA ONLY
Check my transaction ratings here and on ebay account 'kate12333' for self assurance.

Snow season is upon us and I have too big of a stick. Have an 06 Legacy 159 and love the snot out of it, thought by getting a larger version of the same it would be better for charging. In theory maybe but I am only 5'11" 165lbs. In practice it was just too much board for what I wanted to do.
should have looked here first...
according to the charts, this board is best suited for someone closer to the 200lb mark, whereas on a 159 I am in the sweet spot. Most guys over 200 ride 163+ from my experience.

Only rode ONCE, topsheet is near as makes no difference perfect. Cold side is about the same apart from minor marks and two small heshers from some clueless gaper deciding to 'turn' without looking. No edge damage. Neversummer is THE best snowboard manufacturer out there in my and many others opinions. Being hand made from start to finish in USA, only limited availability each year.
This board is slightly over $500 new IF you can find one in your size. The Legacy is a wide version (read 'size 11 boot and up') of the 'slr' all mountain board. Good in the park, good on the slopes, good in back country, jack of all master of none. Since I spend next to no time in park, I will be trying out the 159 Heritage as it is more specialized for the type of boarding I prefer.
Has Neversummer's reverse camber tech that optimizes rather then completely changes the riding experience compared to full rockers IMO.
Neversummer is known for its indestructibility as is evidenced by the 3 year warranty.
Once you go Neversummer, it is easy to become emotionally attached to your boards.
You might be able to tell that I am slightly passionate about certain things...on that note HELP ME GET MY HERITAGE!!! :lol:
$400 OBO shipped

DC Primere 4 snowboard boots. Size mens 11US Used once, near perfect shape. Super comfy gel sole, standard lace up. Removable liner. Simple goodness, thought of keeping a pair for backup but my Ions haven't disappointed so time to optimize my closet.
$100 OBO shipped

2010 Burton Custom bindings Black/white. Used once, only a few very minor nicks and licks. Super smooth ratchets, good middle of road binding. Don't have too much input to offer as I always use my union data's when possible. Plates are not in pics but are included. Size is I guess L/XL, not marked and don't have original box, since the dc 11's fit easily with room for expansion
$100 OBO shipped

Finally, I have aquired several pairs of levi 501 redline selvedge jeans. Very dark blue wash called "3d black seed." Super clean look, retails for $128.00.
On the inside though, there are varying amounts of yellow stain on front pockets, assuming from chemical messup or something. Other then that, no "defect" or "seconds" tag and cant find anything wrong with quality otherwise. $49 shipped each. These pics are of one pair and I have 12, all new with tags. Sizes: 6pairs of 33x34, 3 pairs of 32x34, 2 pairs of 30x34, and 1 pair of 34x34.

If anyone needs specific pictures please let me know and I will get to it asaic.
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