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It will also help in pricing if you know how to drive a manual and its worthwhile to drive one :lol:

I know this is a loaded question, as the idea of auto vs. manny elicits one's passions. That being said, I'm on the fence on auto vs manny. It's been many years since I've had a manual as a daily driver, but I also commute via Motorcycle, so I really like the idea of going back to a manual in my next car. My concern is, for a daily driver is it practical? When I think of all the gadgets (I love gadgets), such as bluetooth, ipod, sat radio and nav that MY new 3 will have, how much a pain will it be to use those items when I'm shifting through my canyons on my 100 mile daily commute? Obviously, those kinds of toys are not present on my motortcycle and I can just enjoy the gear changes. Thanks!

You have to question if you are at constant speed enough. I know many people want the auto because they are in nothing but stop n go traffic. I know manual can be a pain in that type of environment.
So you have to see just how much shifting you would be doing.

Most of my driving is not so much stop n go, so I dont mind the manual in it. Plus I autox and take the car to the track and in that instance a manual is a must IMO.
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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