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I cannot understand sedans. They are an artifact of the past, like hood ornaments, or the ridiculous front/rear overhangs american luxury cars had to have to be appealing to buyers. Thankfully those things are now going away, but those of us that would like to have more choices of useful hatchback cars here in the US continue to have our options limited because Americans prefer to own sedans for no discernable practical reason, so the hatchback models get dropped from the line ups or never offered in the first place.

It apparently is an emotional thing.

There is no styling disadvantage to a well-designed hatch, and there is no engineering benefit for a sedan over a hatch since most modern cars have fold-forward seats and thus don't take advantage of a bulkhead behind the seats to stiffen the chassis.

A large majority of American buyers think a hatchback car is cheap. But they buy SUVs in huge numbers, which also have a hatch but somehow that is OK in that context. This makes no logical sense whatsoever. It also inexplicable why they prefer SUVs over a good minivan or a station wagon that would haul as many people, get better gas mileage, and be far more fun to drive. But the big lumbering truck-like SUV is kewl somehow.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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