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What is your opinion of the 2010 mazda 3 design(generally speaking- hatch, sedan, speed3)

2010 Mazda 3

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I know there was a poll asking this question already, but it was based only on people seeing pictures. Now that many of you have had a little more time to check it out in person, or let the look grow on you- i thought it would be interesting to see if the forum's initial negative reaction may have changed a bit. Obviously the question and choices are extremely general, but feel free to post your thoughts in more detail.
Lets try to keep wise cracks about the smile to a minimum, and get some logical reasoning as to what you like/dislike about the car
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exterior is not what i expected. I wanted a revolution not an evolution. Then, theres the economy, 29mpg is the same has the outgoing 3. Not good. The car is heavier. Not good. The big smile. So so. The interior is a good upgrade tough. So are the electronic gismos (keyless start). I like the headlghts and backlights, the side view, the more curvy look, Its still has a sporty drive, a real cool drive, quieter so I heard. Therefore its just ok IMO
What i like on the sedan (2.5):

- Side profile for the most part
- Rear of the car is excellent
- Seats are nice
- The illumination of the interior at night is TOP NOTCH! Finally they put accents near the door switches and underneath the dash.
- headlights
- the decent wheel upgrade from the snowflakes

- The fog light extensions are terrible. it should end where the center area does, not go further. That's what aftermarket lips are for :) The only good angle is straight on or straight 90 angle from the side, but any other angle looks way out of proportion from the otherwise nice looking boxy feel of the car.
- Not crazy about how the center console angles itself, but would get used to it in time
its growing on me, but I like my '08.5 much better
I also like mine much more because its mine  :exnbp:
I'm not a fan of the new sedan, but I think the hatch looks fantastic. I can't put my finger down on it, but the whole design really flows when the car is moving. Everything from the wheel arches to the rear spoiler just looks like it belongs on the hatch.
[quote author=mindis link=topic=138778.msg2991052#msg2991052 date=1236904374]
I also like mine much more because its mine :exnbp:

Ha. Good point.
I went with love the interior hate the exterior, though I don't exactly hate the exterior, I'm just confused by the front end, overall I think the exterior is okay.
I had a 06 3 GT and I loved it. Sold it for a truck. Then sold that truck for another truck, then sold that truck for my current ride, a 2009 Honda Accord Coupe V6-6MT. I like my current ride, but damn I miss the 3. For the price, you can't beat what you get with the thing, especially with the '10's having the auto-leveling, active bi-xenon lights, LED tails, auto-wipers, dual climate control, memory power seat, available pushbutton start and a decent interior and exterior. I don't have any of this on my 29,000 car (power seats but not memory). I though "ew" when I first saw the redesign, but now that I've seen one in person, I REALLY REALLY want one. I would definitely miss my V6-6MT power, though, but I miss the rev's of a 4-cylinder car.
I like the new look of the 2010 Mazda3.. I has a nice sporty look to it.. They have taken the look of the RX 8 which also is a beautiful looking car and changed the body appearance which was due for the older Mazda 3.. I own a 2005 Mazda 6 sport and I love that car.. I traded it in for the 2010 Mazda 3.. I test drove one and it is a beautiful driving veh..I have nothing negative to say about this veh other than to say the Mazda yet has created a awesome car.. :)
Looks excellent in person, I only got to see the sedan in that nasty gray but they had two 3's at the dealership, a black sedan and hatch. They look excellent and the interior's we're amazing for the price save a few things.
I saw one in the parking lot of work there was a guy talking with a lady so I asked if it was the new 3 and his. He said it was a rental (nice to know they are rentals now).

Side looked nice, but the front wa hideous. That grill mouth was just excessive.
They've been rentals for a while now, the Mazda 3, 5, 6 (have yet to see a new one at most of the big fleet chains), CX-7, & CX-9 can all be rented at enterprise.
i know the pre '10s are, but considering they just came out for the 2010, surprising its already a rental.
Had a chance to sit and look at the new 10's at the dealership when I was getting my Mazda3 in for some very minor warranty work.


1. The 'new' controversial front end seems to integrate well and designed for its intended purpose.
2. The motor was the same 2.0L and they did away with some of the plastic covers which exposed some more engine details, if you like that sorta thing...I do.
3. Seats seemed to be almost as comfortable as before. Mazda3 seats are excellent. But they'd better hold up well over time. My '89 323 is crapping out slowly and progressively. But still good overall...

1. The car seems too long, with seemingly longer front and rear overhangs, ala Corrolla. This is a sore spot with me. I despise overly long overhangs.
2. The rear end is to similar to the other players (Corolla) on this compact class segment. The previous 3's rear end is terrific, but like anything else, it could always be improved upon, just did not want to see it be...almost wiped out clean.
3. The interior "beltline" (tops of dash doors etc.) has been reduced in height it seems, this could be a plus or minus. I'm 6'2", so this is a minus.
4. Some interior dash peices are crap, with silver laminated plastic trim. Does not work, seems more cheapened. Eliminate it...
5. Fuel econ down and weight, up, as we all know. At this rate the next 2015-ish, 8th Gen Mazda 3 Series could be weighing in as much as 3400 lbs (my 1989 323 weighs ~2300 lbs.) This time with 24 MPG combined(???) This has been a DECADES long disturbing trend with ALL mfr's -imho. I guess it's easier to add weight than it is to carefully trim weight without any of the disadvantages. But that would require TOO much thinking. :roll:
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I've been noticing that everyone that sees the 2.0l in person says the interior is crap. The people that see the 2.3l say that the interior is amazing.
[quote author=AlvinRow link=topic=138778.msg2993917#msg2993917 date=1237036904]
I've been noticing that everyone that sees the 2.0l in person says the interior is crap. The people that see the 2.3l say that the interior is amazing.

are they that different?
The one I sat in was the 2.0 and I found that the door plastics were flimsy and not attached very well. However the 2.5 that I saw from the outside appeared to have better materials. The dash materials were soft and nice its just seemed the door plastics were cheap
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