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2010 Mazda 3-2.5 GT HB/ TEMP GAUGE

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I have had the GT hatchback since new in 2010. It came packed with a plethora of accessories -however one item ( the Temperature Gauge ) I have wanted to install but never did because ....I didnt want the car to start looking cheap or..... I was to lazy - . Its time now since shes gettn long in da tooth- 150K - Im looking for one which is easy to install and blends in without looking cheap or shade tree wired. I have trouble understanding why Mazda put an idiot idiot light into the 3s which in my opinion are sports cars. I think at least the GT should have one....but hey ...... Its a minor thing , if anyone has a brand recommendation or kit - I would be extremely grateful. I obviously prefer a well made high end product - but it may be a $10 deal -?
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It looks great - Thanks - / appreciate the link
Some gauges can be installed that can resemble a factory look. In my 2018 I eliminated the catch all area directly under the environmental controls and built a custom gauge holder. I used Autometer gauges. The temperature gauge is switched between 3 senders so I can monitor oil temperature water and transmission temperatures depending on the switch position.


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