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Hey everyone im new here and wanted to share my mazda 3 build. I have a 2010 base 2.0 with bose sound bought it 6 months ago bone stock and over priced but it was my only option so jus worked with what i got. She has the following mods:
Suspension:eibach sportlines
Wheels:unknown brand 35offset
Tire size: 235/45/r18 (yes i rubbed before pulling fenders)
Engine:35 shot NX/NOS wet kit (its a used put together kit) annnnnnd muffler delete thats all.
Exterior:ebay front lip, "custom sideskirts" and homedepot lip all around

My goal is to be faster then a stock mazdaspeed i know a 35 shots not gonna do it so jus waiting to send my ecu to orange virus for a flash tune and my boltons tben gonna go 50 shot. I know i shouldnt have to build my bottom end for the 75 shot but wanns do it anyways since im eventually gonna wanna be faster then jus mazdaspeeds. Any input, questions or advice would be appreciated

Stock with jus her pretty eyes

Wheels STOCK height

After drop and wheels

Before and after i attempted to restore the wheels

My interior and yes im a ricer who likes dragonball and wanted it to light up!

Base model looking so mean

Once the nitrous was installed

As she sits
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