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I just bought a 2009 Mazda 3 HB for my son, found that the stock alarm is not really serve the purpose. Whenever the door got unlocked, the alarm will be disabled.

Say for example, I sat in the driver seat, closed the door, enabled the alarm, then unlocked the door without disable the alarm, open the door, I am expecting the alarm will set off as the other car does, but no.

I will consider it is a manufacture design fault. If someone blow hard on the door handle, it will unlock the door lock, also disable the alarm at the same time.

Now, please advice for alarm upgrade. Just add a shock sensor, or purchase a $200 Viper, Clifford system? I don't need any fancy remote start, monitoring features, just want to have my son not to worry his car and stay focus on his school work.

Thanks in advance
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