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Hey guys, new to the forum here. Just picked up my 07 Mazdaspeed3 this weekend and loving it. I like the looks of the oem base 2008 sti rims and would like to put them on. I researched some numbers but unfortunately I really don't grasp all of it. Can someone please help explains the numbers and if it would work? Thanks, and looking fwd to being part of this forum.

2008 Sti rims: 5X114.3 bolt pattern and a 55mm offset and 18x8.5 dimension
mazdaspeed3 rims: 5X114.3 bolt pattern and 52.5mm offset and 18x7.5 dimension

So the bolt pattern matches up. Wheel offset calculator states 16mm less inner clearance and outter position extended 10mm. And the width of the sti wheel concerns me with possible rubbing?
Will 235/40/18 tires fit on the sti rims ok?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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