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Here's the rundown on everything. 2008 Mazda 3 2.0l automatic trans threw a chunk of piston through the back of the block at 95,000 miles. Replaced motor with a 73,000 mile engine from junkyard. Changed all fluids including trans fluid and filter. After getting engine up and running. Ran a bit rough but I contributed that to the computer relearning the engine and driving. Sent daughter off to college with it and shortly after, check engine light came on and trans wouldn't consistently shift out of first. The gear indicator on the dash would light up Park, Reverse, Neutral, but not drive. So it would stay in first and not shift to second etc. Tried to shift it manually but still no good. Then every now and then it would work fine with all gears lit up on gear indicator.
Fast forward to bringing it home and getting codes. Found codes P0016 and P0011. Fixed P0016 by replacing crank sensor. P0011 was a bit harder. Replaced VVT, Camshaft sensor, and double checked timing on crankshaft sensor. Nothing. Went around harness and rechecked all connections for engine and trans. Still nothing.So after doing way too many hours of looking online and not finding exactly what I needed. It seemed a good chance that maybe the ECU was causing the shifting issues and I hoped the P0011 code.
So I sent the computer to a place called G7 computers or something like that. They said they found an issue with it repaired it and sent it back. Installed it yesterday with high hopes. P0011 is gone and it runs better but shifting is still not right.
Please tell me someone has some sort of idea what's going on. I didn't suspect trans solenoids due to info online didn't match up. Is it possible that the neutral safety switch is worn and causing an issue? The neutral light flickers a bit when I shift into neutral.
Thanks in advance for your time.
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