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Hi Guys Just bought a 2007 (Probably 2006 factory built) Mazda 3 MPS

I noticed there is the rocking around noise from the gearbox when you change gears etc.. which is apparenlty normal..

when not in motion i can clutch in and shift to pretty much any gear smooth as..

once in motion 1st -> 2nd -> 3rd -> 4th are ok (not perfect but not bad)

4th to 5th gets notchy and 5th -> 6th is really notchy..

I notice also when i clutchin for a shift, un less i have throttled off a second before Clutching in the revs will climb 1000rpm before falling... is this normal..

Car is bog stock nothing done to it apart from Regular Servicing... still on new Warranty..

When the Warranty Expires (in one year) I plan to get
- CP-e Dogbone Mount
- Solid Shifter Mounts
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