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Hey guys,

Installed an Alpine amp (has speaker-level inputs) from the stock headunit in my 2007 Mazda 3i. I also have an Infinity subwoofer and two speakers hooked up to the amp. But now when I play a CD in the headunit every 1 second or so it makes a beeping noise. I think it's the alternator, because if I plug in a charger for my phone into the cigarette lighter, the light on the charger dims with the beeping noise.

Funny thing is... it's only when I play CDs that the beep is on. I don't hear it on FM... I guess my main concern is, I'm going to buy the GROM ipod hookup and I don't want it to have the beeping problem as well, since it hooks into the CD changer port on the back ( I think ).

Anyone have any advice or input?
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